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*                                    ***References upon request***


"Beth is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional. She was always available to assist me when my adult brother was struggling with his mental health. She provided me with the options, programs and assistance that was available, when I was 2000 miles away in New York. She was able to communicate and gain the trust of my brother, which was no easy task and she was also able to communicate with the staff at the facility he was in and with me when I was feeling helpless. She is persistent, sensitive and calming and knows the ins and outs of the system. I sincerely believe that because of her, we were able to get my brother the help he needed."   -  Eddie C.

"...Beth has been a "God-send!" So kind, so caring, so supportive, despite the many many miles apart. Her compassion has always felt so close, and very embraced and special."

- Susie C. narratives and news reporting.

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