Covid-19 Adaptations

Due to Covid-19, we have made numerous changes to how we do business.


We no longer have a public office space, but as always, we come to you wherever you are.


Many of our clients are in communities with restrictions on visitors. Unfortunately, we are considered non-essential workers, and are not allowed to visit in-person in anyone's apartment or room for everyone's safety.

In community settings, we will make "window" visits in person, make phone calls, and stay in touch our clients,  the staff  of the communities in which they live, and their families, to continue to provide our services as much as possible.

We are still able to attend essential medical appointments in person (depending on the doctor's office policies) or will attend by phone or whatever virtual means your doctor's office offers. 

If you live in your own home, we will visit you, if there are no more than 2 other people, and all agree to wear a mask, and distance. Our preference would be to meet outside depending on the weather and temperature. We are happy to sit outside and talk by phone if that is more acceptable to you. We are also available for Zoom conferences or conference calls. We continue to adapt as things change.

 TLC Coordination & Advocacy

 520-305-4454 (no text) 

 Fax:  1-520-373-5143​