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Covid-19 Updates:

Great news! Are you home bound or know someone who is and trying to figure out how to get a Corona-19 vaccine when you can't get out to a shot clinic?

Pima County Health Department has a plan to get a vaccine to you!

You will need to register here (if you have internet access):

If you do not have internet access, call 520-222-0119.

Make sure and tell the registration folks that you need an at-home vaccine, NOT a POD appointment. There is a team that can help get you registered.

As always, we come to you wherever you are. All employees are vaccinated and are tested regularly in order to be able to see you!

Many of our clients are in communities with restrictions or tests for visitors. We will follow whatever testing guidelines are necessary to see you.

We are able to attend essential medical appointments in person (depending on the doctor's office policies) or will attend by phone or whatever virtual means your doctor's office offers. 

If you live in your own home, we will visit you there and follow Covid precautions.  Our preference would be to meet outside depending on the weather and temperature. We do wear masks. We realize that makes it difficult if you have some hearing loss. We offer a voice to text app so that you can see what we are saying. We are also available for Zoom conferences or conference calls. We continue to adapt as things change.

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