We have many years of care management experience in Tucson and know the local resources to meet your needs. We coordinate appointments, home care, med set-up, housekeeping, meal prep, pet care, and maintenance for your home, yard and auto. If you need a higher level of care, we can help you find the right place, arrange for all aspects of moving, and assist with your home. We coordinate all the details and keep your support team updated.



TLC Coordination & Advocacy will help you plan ahead for short term situations such as out-patient procedures, or planned joint replacements. We'll prepare your home for when you return and get you where you need to be on time.
Want us to check on you afterwards? We'll visit you and let your friends or family know how you're doing. Any aftercare that you need once you get home, we can arrange.
Don't want your mail to stack up? Worried about your pets? We'll take care of things while you're gone, and arrange for your pets to get good care, too.

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TLC Coordination & Advocacy 2450 E Speedway # 3, Tucson, AZ 85719 

Phone:  520-305-4454 (no text) Fax: 520-373-5143​

 We are located on the SW corner of Speedway /Tucson Blvd. 

Parking entrance is off of Tucson Blvd. south of Speedway.

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